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  • 4/16/2014 - 2:36 PM

    My trip to Boston ended today. Although it’s sad or whatever, I’m glad to be going home. I like the normalcy that home has.
    I’m sitting at Logan International, Terminal A, Gate A4, waiting for my 3+ hours delayed plane to jet me home blasting Arctic Monkeys from my headphones…so as I wait I’ll finish recounting my experience this week.

    So Sunday, I went to call with Sarah all morning and she didn’t get done until about 6 PM. I thought Sunday was just going to be lame because all we did was stay by the school but after her call ended all the techies invited us to climb up to the roof of the theatre and drink wine, just to relax. It was really nice, the view was great, the weather warmed up, and talking with all those people was really fun. We must’ve stayed up there a long portion of time because by the time we left I had drank three cups and the sun was setting. Sarah, Fiona, and Jimmy all walked back to the dorms and ate dinner. Later that night me and Sarah retired to her dorm and I helped her do all her artsy homework. To the average person that would be super boring, but to me, not having the ability to just chill with Sarah in so long was wonderful. Our nights looked like this the rest of my stay since all her assignments were due today. We blasted show tunes and sang at the top of our lungs, I don’t remember what night we got yelled at by her neighbors but I didn’t care.

    Monday was great. Sarah had class most of the day so I took it upon myself to go out and explore the city myself. I walked down to the Village of Brookline to this cool park surrounding Jamaica Pond. It was hidden behind all these trees, and since Spring doesn’t exist this year, nothing was blooming which made it sort of ominous in nature. I spent a good four hours there before going to meet Sarah to go to one of her favorite classes. As I was walking back to BU I kept passing all these gas stations so I thought it’d be a good idea to buy a Black and Mild cigar and smoke on the way back. Well SUR-FUCKIN-PRISE! In Boston, you have to be 19 to buy tobacco products unlike the 18 for Wisconsin. Not that it ruined my day or anything, or that I’m an addict because I’m not, but not being able to purchase one wanted me to have one more profusely just because I couldn’t actually have one. Regardless, I begged Sarah to buy me some before we went to her class. *hallelujahs are heard* The class we went to was called “Locals”, which I’m super glad I went to. The class itself is sort of “open mic” like. Anyone can step up and perform whatever it is they want. It was so inspiring, emotional, funny and true based on all the “acts” I saw. My favorites were this guy who walked up and let us ask him any amount of questions and at the end he broke down and yelled at a box of Camel cigarettes talking about how they no longer had control over him and proceeded to cut them with a pair of scissors. Another was Sarah’s friend Sid who walked up and talked a little bit about how we need to stop wishing wrong amongst one another and accept who we all are. I quote her saying “I don’t want anyone to feel the way I do 99% of the time” and she stripped naked and exclaimed that regardless of no clothing she was still the same which everyone applauded to. Not because it was sexual in nature, which it wasn’t, AT ALL. But because she had such an important message to say. Lastly, there was a girl who stepped up, had an orange and stripped to her underwear and peeled and smeared the orange juice all over her. She said art was messy and that without mess art meant nothing, it was really neat. Afterwards, Sarah and I went to get crepes and then retired to her dorm to do homework.

    Tuesday, it rained ALL DAY! In the morning I went with Sarah to her theatre ensemble class which incorporates the acting and DP majors to create work together. I got to participate along with the class and even joined a group in their work production as a fifth opinion. After, I went to eat lunch with Sarah and then I took the T to the North End while she went to call. I went to the Aquarium which was great, I touched an anaconda and a shark. I saw some jellyfish and cool anenamies or however you spell it (pictured above). Then I walked around for about an hour in the pouring rain (also pictured above) which I didn’t mind. I stopped at a 7-eleven to buy something to drink but SUR-FUCKIN-PRISE again!! In the North End you can buy tobacco products at 18, *hallelujahs are heard again* so I bought a Black and Mild six pack and shit all over the Boston Cigar Lords rules!! I went back to Sarah’s dorm which was empty because her call didn’t end until 10 last night. I was gonna go meet her at the theatre but I was so tired so instead I slept for about five hours. When she got home we ordered chinese and just did homework and talked.

    This morning I woke up late, took a shower, packed my things and took the T to the airport with Sarah. While we were waiting it was soooo cold so we jumped around like dumbasses (pictured above). I said goodbye to Sarah and it was a little sad seeing her leave. I don’t know why. At least she’ll be home all summer! Now I’m just sitting here at my gate, now listening to Walk the Moon wishing I hadn’t eaten that overpriced Wendy’s cheeseburger because now my breath smells like stale ketchup. Why is my plane delayed?

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